Located in the heart of the Black Hills, South Dakota's largest candy store is home to hundreds and hundreds types of candy! Take a trip down memory lane back to your childhood with our old school candy! Or kick it new school with all the candy today's generation has grown so fond of! Also check out our assortment of candy made right here in South Dakota! Ice Cream? Of course, we have that too! Need something sweet to drink too? Look no further than our old school soda or full coffee shop! We truly have sweets that everyone will enjoy!


With hundreds and hundreds of different types of candy, you're guaranteed to find all your favorites. Whether it be old school, new school, or even made right here in South Dakota!


Get your coffee fix at our full sized coffee bar. Macchiato's, Mocha's, Cappuccino's, Latte's, Americano's, you name it. Whatever you want, our baristas will make!

Ice Cream

Cool off from that hot summer sun with one of our ever-changing flavors of soft-serve ice cream! Try our homemade waffle cones or put it in a cup and top it off with any combination off toppings from our topping bar!